The Original
Talking Tiki


Kia Ora

The Original Talking Tiki™ is an educational talking soft toy that teaches Te Reo Māori by playing 75 Māori words and phrases with their English translation in six categories: Greetings, Family and People, Body Parts, Days of the Week, Numbers and Colours.

We created The Original Talking Tiki™ to make the Māori language more accessible to children and adults and provide them with a way to learn entry level Te Reo Māori for themselves.

We've included an instruction booklet which contains the playlist of Māori words and phrases and their English translation so you can follow along with the playlist while you are using the Tiki.

The Original Talking Tiki™ makes a great gift for you, your family and friends!

We hope that you enjoy using The Original Talking Tiki™ and that you’re inspired to go on to learn more about the Māori language, the Māori people and the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Ka kite anō!